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Special Savings Now Available At All Our Locations

United Petroleum Jamaica Ltd. is among one of the first indigenous petroleum marketing companies in Jamaica. We are a primary wholesaler and retailer of petroleum products. At our service stations, we stock motor vehicle batteries, oils and other lubricants. Visit any UNIPET location to enjoy special savings on petroleum products, lubricants, batteries and other accessories.



Engine Oil

We carry an extensive line of engine oils for all types of motor cars, light and medium commercial trucks and heavy duty equipment including 10w-30, 20w-50 15w40, SAE40 & SAE50.

Engine Oil – 10w30 –
For Nissan, Toyota, Some Model Honda’s.

Engine Oil – 20w50 –
For Most Make & Models (Consistent with OEM specifications) – benefits on pic.

Diesel engine Oil – 15w40 (cj4) –
For Ultralight, Light & Medium Commercial Trucks.

Standard American Engineers – SAE40 –
For Light, Medium Commercial & Heavy Duty Equipment.

Standard American Engineers – SAE50 –
For Light, Medium Commercial & Heavy Duty Equipment.

Automatic Transmission FLUID

Since transmissions have exacting demands placed on them daily, we provide DEXRON III automatic transmission fluid.

The DEXRON III grade provides excellent fluidity both at high and low temperatures.

Automatic Transmission Fuel – ATF

DEXRONIII (Most Make & model automobile)

**All Oils/ Lubricants American Petroleum Institute Approved**



Fuels : E1087, E1090

ADO – Automotive Diesel Oil

ULSD – Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel

Benefits: Preserves Engine Life, Environmentally Friendly, Reduce Carbon Emissions, Affordable Prices at all locations
**Available at all UNIPET Dealer Locations**


E-10 87 and E10-90 are the most commonly used motor fuels in Jamaica. These ethanol blended fuels are extraordinarily efficient in preserving engine life. As a result of their superior cleaning properties they contribute to a cleaner burning engine, thereby reducing harmful emissions and offering protection to the environment, thus building a more sustainable future for all stakeholders. These fuel grades are available at all of Unipet’s service stations.

Automotive Diesel Oil

Automotive diesel oil is commonly used in the general transportation sector as well as in the commercial and industrial production / manufacturing sectors. It is a reliable and efficient fuel that is used to power diesel engines. It is available at all of Unipet’s service stations.

Ultra-Low Sulphur Diesel Oil

As the name suggests Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel fuel has a very low sulphur content as low as 15 parts per million (ppm) of sulphur. Based this characteristic it reduces sulphur build up in engines, constituting a cleaner burning engine, reduced harmful emissions and protects the environment and extends engine life. It is available at most of Unipet’s service stations.



Heavy Duty Super Power Batteries

Whether it is your truck, tractor or construction equipment, downtime is not an option. We offer super power batteries that fit your on or off-road vehicle to get the job done right and on time.

Car Batteries

With our extensive selection of car batteries, we are sure you will find the perfect solution for your vehicle to keep you driving. Increase cranking amps with batteries from UNIPET that are backed by warranty.


car accessories


We offer a wide range of accessories to satisfy your motor vehicle needs. Visit us today for the best in car care products and make your travel experience convenient and comfortable.


Things can go wrong when you’re on the go. We provide quality vehicle accessories and supplies to maintain your vehicle in optimum driving condition.

Visit us today to experience superior customer service, high quality products at affordable prices in a friendly shopping environment from a truly Jamaican company.



Kingston & Andrew

46 Lyndhurst Rd, Kgn 5
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Kingston & Andrew

14 Slipe Rd, Kgn 5
(876) 929-9040

St Catherine

1 Cottage Road, Gregory Park
(876) 939-2736

St Catherine

105 King Street, Linstead
(876) 985-2604

St. Thomas

(876) 982-4273


(876) 904-1415


17 Main Street
(876) 625-9478


(876) 785-0678

St Elizabeth

Sandy Ground, Black River
(876) 426-9922

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